Identify the research questions that are the focus of the review and, if appropriate, the hypotheses that you plan to test in your study

Topic: The Role of Capacity Building for Agricultural Extension Officer and Development in Rural Agricultural Development Authority, JamaicaPart A- Research Proposal
Task: Prepare a 750-word paper (excludes list of references) in which you identify your research
focus and convince the reader of the need, importance and value of your proposed research
study. You are expected to identify, describe, justify and discuss as necessary the proposed
research topic, problem, purpose, questions and significance. Use the rubric to guide the
structure of your response.1.Introduction(narrative hook,topic sentence,context statement,problem statement)
2. Rationale
4. Research Questions(Questions are to be quantitatively written)
5. Significance of the StudyPlease note writer is to communicate research question prior to completing PART A. This is to determine if the research questions are suitable?Part B- Literature Review Matrix
Task: Prepare a paper in which you demonstrate your understanding of key concepts and
works within your chosen area of focus. To do this you will need to

Summarise the big picture gleaned from the literature which you have reviewed
Present the map, matrix or any other tool that you are using to help you synthesise and
organize the literature
Briefly evaluate the body of work you have reviewed
Explain in what ways the constructs and themes you have identified are important to
your proposed research study
Papers should be approximately 800For map/ matrix 15 references are required from 3 different type of source materials are required: newspaper, journal articles, books. Please see the attached matrix template which you may use or develop one of your own however the same information is required.Additional InformationPlease see attached rubric for both assignments. Please be guided by the rubrics. Also, the order is to be done and place in the local context. Reference about agriculture statistics/GDP should be from a credible source such as STATIN/PIOJ/MICAF.I would love for the writer to communicate with me during the process especially when completing the literature review matrix.

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