Identify the strategies Thompson and Marquis use to establish the prima facie permissibility or impermissibility of abortion. (Hint: other ways to phrase this question: How do they try to prove the prima facie…?

Just like last time! Answer the following questions, using somewhere between 500-750 words for each. (this is an approximate figure for how much space an efficient answer would require – I won’t automatically dock you points for going under or over those numbers. But that said, if your answer is around 350 words or lower, something is probably going wrong!). Use your words carefully. Cut to the point of the answer as directly as you can without leaving out significant details. I have tried to word the prompts in such a way that the target of the answer is as clear as possible, but if you do have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me about what I’m looking for. ; What appeals do they make in defending the…?; On what grounds do their arguments succeed or fail?) [Double Hint: you know you’re on the right track in answering this question if the way you are explaining the strategies shows how they could be used in other discussions that don’t have anything to do with the issue of abortion]12/12/+1 2) According to Sussman, why would Kantianism and Utilitarianism find the practice of torture immoral? Why does Sussman think these answers inadequate? Explain in detail Sussman’s alternative account of the wrongness of torture. (Hint: that “in detail” part is very important! Give as much as you can! )[Double hint: there are multiple issues to mention!]4/4/4/4/9

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