Identify three determinant attributes for this consumer (e.g. Comfort, style, durability).

Assignment QuestionsThe Expectancy-disconfirmation model highlighted in chapter 10 is a good tool that could be used to assess whether a customer is satisfied or unsatisfied (read perceptions of product quality section on page 300).This model can be also expressed statistically as: S = w(i) (p(i)-e(i)), where satisfaction (S) is a function of the importance weight w(i) that consumers assign to each attribute (i) and the difference between perceptions and expectations (p(i)-e(i)). When the sum of all perceptions minus expectations equals zero, consumers are perfectly satisfied.
When this sum dips below zero, consumers become dissatisfied, and
When returns a value greater than zero, consumers are delight.Imagine that you have been hired by a well-known marketing research firm. Your supervisor has asked you to use the expectancy disconfirmation model (for review refer to page 297 and the instructor notes of Module 8 in the syllabus) to evaluate a consumers post-hoc satisfaction level for a recent purchase of running shoes. For the practice purpose of this assignment, you can ask a consumer who is your friend, your colleague or a member of your family.1. 1. 2. Determine the consumers importance weights for each attribute, such that they total 100 percent. For example comfort=30%, style =10% and durability 60%.1. 3. On a 1 to 7 scale, ask the consumer to rate how s/he expected the brand to perform on each of these attributes, prior to purchase (for example, comfort=6, style = 4 and durability=6).1. 4. Also on a 1 to 7 scale, ask the consumer to rate his/her actual perceptions of how the shoe has performed on each of these attributes.1. 5. Plug the weights (w), expectations (e) and perceptions (p) into formula: S = w (p- e), where S is satisfaction level.Does the outcome of the function suggest that this consumer is satisfied, delight or dissatisfied? Ask the consumer if s/he is satisfied to see if the model is consistent with consumers response.
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