If you were an owner or leader in this business, what could you do to help employees understand the value of excellent customer service?

2.Who are your external customers and what are their specific needs? (Describe at least three.)
3.Who are your internal customers and what are their specific needs? (Describe at least three.)
4.What are some starting points for developing the core competencies we discussed in your selected business? Be as specific as possible.
5.How could your business apply the ideas in this module to build customer loyalty?
Using the same organization you chose for Part 1, answer the following questions about key employee behaviors (at least one paragraph per question):
1.If you were leading the organizations customer service efforts, what are five key behaviors you would want your employees to exhibit? Be specific, recognizing that you may not be able to do all things at first. Target the behaviors that would have the strongest impact. (Be sure you are clear about the distinction between behaviors, attitudes, goals, and so on. You want to apply explicit, observable actions whenever possible.)
2.What actions could you take to get others in the organization to do these specific things? Consider your answer from two perspectives: what you could do as a manager/boss, and what you could do if you were not the boss but hope to encourage others to do these things.
3.What specific behaviors have you experienced in your role as a customer in various businesses that seemed especially effective, or memorable? Which of these could you apply to your organization?

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