Imagine for a moment that you have just been hired by NASA to plan the development of the first human extraterrestrial settlement.

They want you to use your knowledge of other societies to build an ideal community, avoiding the problems of modern society. How would you go about the task? For example, what communities or societies that you know about might you choose as models for extraterrestrial settlements? What would be the main values that you would build into your community? How would people be rewarded for the work they perform? How would you maintain order and settle conflicts? What kind of educational system would you propose? Finally, what are the most serious problems in modern society that you would want to avoid?Make sure you draw on materials from this week to illustrate and support your contribution and responses to classmates (e.g., textbook 132-146 and Wesch’s article). Reference from the textbook: Cultural Anthropology In a Globalizing World, Barbara Miller, 2017 and from the Wesch article

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