Imagine that you are an HRM and the organization is growing tremendously (you are free to select the type of company, e.g., retail, education, etc.). You now realize that you need to hire at least 2 more managers for two departments (Accounting and a first line manager for a customer serices department).

The organization is professional but the CEO likes to do functions on occasions that build esprit de corps and teamwork, and every Friday is a casual dress day. The accounting personnel are a 3-member team that are pretty straight forward numbers crunchers, quiet and reserved, and like to come to work and do their thing and leave each day. Nevertheless, the 5-member team of employees within the customer services department are outgoing and have diverse backgrounds. In both departments, the age range is between 21 50 years old. Regarding marital status, both departments have single workers, single parents, and married personnel who are working full-time with children. In a 5 8 page paper, present a proposal on how you plan to address the following: Types of leadership/management competencies you will look for regarding the 2 management positions Based on the background of the employees under the new manamgement, what type of underlying leadership theory(ies) you think will best suit the organization (Hint: remember leadership style derives from leadership theory). Types of strategies you may need to develop to ensure successful communications between supervisors-to- subordinates, peer-to-peer, and any other group dynamics you feel warrant attention. Types of strategies you will develop to assure employee motivation and job satisfaction. Summarize by stating why you believe your plan will assure success in the organization Writing Guidelines: Please use the APA style formatting for the entire paper (includes in text referencing as well as list of references). Include 5-8 references in your paper Make sure your introduction has a purpose statement and the main body follows what you wrote in the introduction Include a summary of the main points in your conclusion

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