Imagine yourself a consultant in an imaginary organisation and relate the topics to organisation.

Read the “OD Intervention Completion Report” document to know the requirement. Then read (OD) document to know the objective of the requirement and what we are assessed for. Make use of the references mentioned so that you relate your argument with the subject material. Also, read the powerpoints attached. It is the lecture notes and numbered sequentially. Chapter 10, 11, 12 (slides (10,11,12) which are individual, team and organisational interventions are the most important ones that you should focus higher on. All other power points are important too. As consultant demonstrate how you will bring development, and lead a positive change in the organisation. 1- define the problems in the organisation 2- define the root causes of the problem 3- explain how did you solve it (what sorts of activities you did)? 4- did you generate any results? what were they? are they positive or negative?

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