Impacts on neighborhoodsOne of these main topics should be chosen and discussed by these ideas, and you can add more ideas if you want.

You need to come-up with a topic that explores some aspect of the Vanport Flood. You could examine how environmental and social conditions contributed to the flood, how the flood response was handled or the impacts the floods aftermath had on our city. The following table provides some conceptual guidance for thinking about a possible topics:
1. Conditions before the flood:
a. Natural conditions
b. Built Environment
c. Social Conditions.
2. Flood Conditions
a. Evacuation order (lack of)
b. Residence access to information
c. Temporary Housing
d. City’s response
3. Flood Aftermath
a. Resettlement of flood victims
b. Housing issues
c. Racial segregation
d. Flood control measures
e. Economic impacts
Also a clear thesis or question should be presented on the intro.
The paper should be relatively short, between 5-7 paragraphs long, but it should be a focused and original work.

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