In Hospital Stroke Awareness: Improving quality and efficiency of stroke assessment among Nurses

explain a little bit the project is as follows: in a University hospital( we need to remove all identifying names of hospital except that it is a university hospital ). there was found to be a problem with in hospital stroke(DATA PROVIDED IN PPT BACKGROUND. AND extra data CITED AS FROM PERSONAL CONVERSATION WITH SOORUS, S MAY, 21 2018). due to this we did research and found a scale which is as valid and more reliable than the regular National institute of health stroke scale(NIHSS). so we did the project at the university hospital with 30 nurses from a neurological care unit. with 3 evaluations pre and post educational survey, pre post and follow up skills check at 3 times since 100 percent was required in skills as ( you will see results in charts). and also chart reviews which showed 100% compliance and completion by oct 15. you will see results as well in pp.So this is essentially a rewrite based on professors comments, and placement of finalized data into paper which is already in APA format as well as charts and everything else which I am attaching now. needs to follow manuscripts requirement which also has an example article just in case is needed.the st province hospital resoursce may be the only thing that need to be investigated as per professors request what she wants.please follow guidelines attached very important and also include the data and charts in ppts which have all the extra information needed.

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