In what ways do the roles and relationships seem unique or different from family roles and relationships that are found more typically among middle class, nuclear families in our society?

Purpose The purpose of the third film assignment is to help better understand racial and ethnic diversity in the family, as well as the adaptations that families make to accommodate and resolve some of the challenges they face. We will do this by viewing a recent film that depicts a family from a minority racial or ethnic group, challenges it faces, and how it resolves them. II. Instructions watch the movie: Bend It Like Beckham (2002) (112 minutes) Write a 2-3 page essay that answers the following questions: How would you describe the family depicted in terms of its roles and relationships, especially in terms of gender roles and the importance of the extended family members within the family? What unique issue or problem does the family face that threatens family unity, and how is the family able to resolve the problem and maintain family unity? To what extent are traditional cultural beliefs and practices modified in this process? THE ONLY SOURCE IS THE MOVIE. THANKS

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