Innovation and creativity: umbrella sharing service in London

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITYA SHARING UMBRELLA SERVICE AROUND CENTRAL LONDON NAMED “UNDERCOVER”People (students, business people, tourists) will be able to rent an umbrella from the kiosks located by the main London tube station for 25 hours at a price of £2.The organization, Undercover, has to consider maintenance costs, advertising costs, sponsorship.It will be granted by Major of London or bank loan.1. Analysis on the implication of this innovation and its potential diffusion.Excellent level of analysis and critical evaluation of the implication of the sharing umbrella service on both businesses and society and its potential diffusion with clearly developing and through discussion.Application of DIFFUSION THEORY by Rogers, on this sharing service, is outstanding in its depth, breadth and interpretation.The breadth, depth, and integration of finding/literature into the work is outstanding.Also include in the analysis National Innovation system: The national influences on system of Innovation.And if you can any other relevant theories on the topic.2. Conclusion: conclusions are clearly explained and are all supported by the findings. Recommendations are consistent with the interpretation of finding and conclusion.

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