International Political Economy and Human Development – SP5 2018

Write a 2,700 word research essay on one of the following topics: What have been the major historical developments in the post-1945 global political economy regime, and why have they occurred? Illustrate your arguments by contrasting two IPE theoretical perspectives. What do we mean when we talk about a gendered economy? How do gender and inequality interact within IPE? Choose any country and use it as a case study to illustrate your arguments. Debate the costs and benefits of free trade versus protectionism. Use NAFTA, the EU/Brexit or another example to illustrate your arguments. Should free trade mean free movement of people? Use NAFTA, the EU/Brexit or another example to illustrate your arguments. How do various IPE perspectives impact on environmental protection/change? Employ case studies to illustrate your arguments. In preparing your paper you are expected to READ WIDELY from academic and other sources. Your paper should set out your arguments logically using an academic referenceing system, preferably the Harvard author-date referencing system e.g. (Smith 2014: 67), including a full Reference List, and should include several original academic references in addition to the textbook.

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