Interpreting Statistical Output for Data Analysis PowerPoint Presentation

Interpreting Statistical Output for Data Analysis PowerPoint Presentation PICOT Question. In adults with diabetes type 2 (Population), how does physical activity and diet modification (Intervention) compared to oral hypoglycemic and insulin (Comparison) ,in controlling hemoglobin A1c, (Outcome) in 3 months period (T)? Clinical Questions. I. what is the importance of physical activity and diet modification in controlling hemoglobin A1C in patients with diabetes type 2? 2. Is physical activity and diet modification more beneficial than oral hypoglycemic and insulin in controlling hemoglobin A1c in patents diagnosed with diabetes type 2 ? Purpose: The purpose of this Assignment is to enable you to present the information that you gather from a systematic review on your PICOT topic. This activity will give you the experience to present what your research findings to others. Directions: 1 Define the clinical key questions based on PICOT. 2 Briefly review the database selected for key clinical questions. 3 Identify the studies of the database search that are a Level I or II evidence. 4 Interpret the statistical results of the studies identified in Step 3. 5 Design a presentation. a Place results /overview of research in PowerPoint. b Length of the presentation should be 1215 slides. 6 Follow APA format. 7. Original work no plagiarism. 8. 5 references not more than 5 years old. 9. Please paraphrase do not use direct quotation and use primary peer-reviewed journal from databank like medline, Pubmed, CINAHL PLUS OR COCHRANE library

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