Investigating the relationships of L2 writing self-efficacy and self-regulatory strategy through creative writing tasks

In this research paper, please separate the content into three parts, a) introduction, b) theoretical framework of literature review, and c) research methods.In the introduction, please begin with the elaboration of the significance of second language (or English) writing in tertiary/higher education, and then discuss what psychological factors in L2 writing (L2 writing motivation, self-efficacy, and self-regulatory strategy in this study) will be examined and why these factors are important. Finally, in what way the creative writing tasks can play a role to influence the L2 writing, and the psychological factors.In the theoretical framework of literature review, please provide four parts, including a) L2 writing self-efficacy, what kinds of (quantitative) research has been done and what results have been found, b) L2 writing motivation, what kinds of (quantitative) research has been done and what results have been found, c) L2 writing self-regulatory strategy, what kind of (quantitative) research has been done and what results have been found, and d) creative writing task, what are the effects of the tasks and why they are important in improving learners’’ L2 writing performance.Note: Selected studies have been provided with regard to the L2 self-efficacy and self-regulatory strategy., and may need your help with the literature of L2 motivation and creative writing tasks.In the research methods, please make it 1 page and provide some information about second-order confirmatory factor analysis, bi-factor model, and structural equation modeling.

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