Is the social issue you identified covered within the media? How is the issue discussed in the media? What is the ideological lens that the problem is presented?

Assignment #3 – Entering Policy Practice Arena – Learning How Social Problems are Framed – Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
Step 1- Attend a problem-solving court – Adolescent Recovery Court held in Judge Gadola’s courtroom 5th floor of the Circuit Court
Step 2- Use your notes/observations and secondary resources to write a 4-page typed and double-spaced essay about the framing of the social issue – youth within the Juvenile Justice System. Your essay should address the following questions:
Comment on the demographical information, locale, offenses presented. Your comments on demographics should address gender, age, ethnic/race/locality etc. How are the lives of the youth impacted by the identified problems?
In your view, how is the problem perceived and presented? What is perceived as the causes of the problem(s)?
Are the problem(s) perceived as emanating more from the individual/structure/society?
What are the perceived solutions?
Comment on the ideology, values, and beliefs embedded in how the problem and solutions are framed.
Why do the courts believe the identified problems exist? How would you resolve the issues?
Is there consistency between the explanations of causes and the recommended solutions?
Do the people around the courts frame the issue around social justice? Human rights? If so, how?
Does the media present the problem as an individual/societal problem? Is there consistency between their explanations of causes and the suggestions for resolutions? How are the people writing/framing /commenting about the social problem/issue impacted by it? Is social justice considered in the media presentation of the issue? If yes, how is justice talked about? What conclusions can you draw about social problems in the Genesee county?

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