Legalizing Gay Marriage

This will be a digital research project, which means it will be a multimedia and written component. Do not video yourself but use the sources to tell your story. Technology savvy students will be able to create an impressive video for their presentationssuggested presentation software and media include:
Adobe Spark Video
Augmented Reality Apps-Layar, Aurasma
Windows Movie Maker
Post a video on YouTube (give me the url link to view)
ThinglinkThis is NOT a cut-and- paste project!! Thought, research, and organization must be evident to obtain a high grade.
Audio-Visual Presentation
The multimedia presentation show should be 3-5 minutes in length and explore the topic in depth. In order, to complete the topic students must complete the following steps:
gather and organize relevant photographs, video, and audio clips of interviews and relevant sound effects;
create a audio visual storyboard and audio script;
construct a visual slideshow and then record voice-overs, be sure to have an introduction slide;
edit final projects;
and create a credit slide(s) that highlights your sources (Works Cited page).After watching your video essay, a viewer should know the basic details concerning your topic as well as have an appreciation of its significance to American history. As video historians, your first task is to accurately research and describe your topic. Imagine that your audience is a peer (a friend or fellow student) who is not in this class. Your finished video essay should seek to inform this intelligent but uninformed viewer who or what your topic was the significance of your topic to the major themes of American history, either in what it caused or in how it reflects upon larger issues, and also why they should care about your topic that is, you need to make it interesting and engaging.

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