-List and number the seven soil orders in Florida. What soil order is most common in Broward County, FL?

Assignment Instructions
-Interact with the animation: Soil Orders (http://forces.si.edu/soils/swf/soilorders.html) Note: the animation requires Adobe Flash. The animation may load slowly depending on your internet connection speed.
-Interact with the animation: State Soils (http://forces.si.edu/soils/interactive/statesoils/) (html version). Observe the different U.S. States and surrounding areas.
-From the information, complete the following items:-List and describe the five soil forming factors.
-Describe and define the term: loam.
-Describe and define the term: regolith.
-Describe and define the term: humus. Is it related to hummus?
-List and describe the six major soil horizons. Your response may include chemical, biological, and physical composition, and its relation to adjacent horizons.
-List and number the 12 soil orders.

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