Locate a recent news or journal article that is an example of one of the strategies discuss in this module and post a link to that article. Discuss the actions that were taken by the company and tie them back to one or more of the strategies discussed in this module. What is business ethics?

Why should a companys strategies be ethical? In addition, describe why it is important to consider the Saint Leo core value of responsible stewardship when developing a strategy. How did your companys strategy exemplify responsible stewardship?(Note: Even though this assignment says locate an article and discuss, the rubric for discussion posts requires three sources to back up the writing. Almost all of the other students provided the required references besides the article)I briefly skimmed the strategies in the module. It doesn’t say much but talks about agents of change and social responsibility such as operating in an honorable manner, good working conditions, steward of the environment, etc… Mainly dealing with ethics.

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