Locate an artifact video game, mobile application, interactive toy or website that you believe did not take into account a childs point of view. How is it flawed?

Then give a few suggestions about how to make it more suitable to the needs of a child (infant to a late teenage product are acceptable) as related to the readings.PART TWO
Zimmerman Forum(this reading is in the additional files)
Eric Zimmerman (2003) makes a strong case for the iterative design process in his article Play as Research: The Iterative Design Process. In presenting three examples, he emphasizes how different the process can be depending on the participant age group, values and goal of the game, game mechanics, and resources of the game creators. Please answer one of the following:1. If you have gone through the iterative design process either for school or work, describe briefly what you experienced. What age group did you work with? What did you find worked for your participants, and what did not? What factor(s) most influenced your final (most evolved) product?2. If you have not gone through the iterative design process, imagine you are creating a playtesting scenario for children, and pick an age group you would like to work with. What developmental characteristics of this age group will you have to accommodate? What type of game/app/product would you like to research with that group? What is the goal of your design research? What factors (e.g., language, literacy levels, parental and peer influence, available time, resources) could you see most affecting your design process?PART THREE
Teachley: Addimal Adventure & Mt. Multiplis
Teachley brings you Addimal Adventure. Within Canvas, you will find promotional material as well as a research paper focusing on the Addimal Adventure. Use the readings to decide if the application highlights any of the information this week or violates it. Perhaps you can also take the opportunity to share similar learning applications with your classmates.http://www.teachley.com/addimal-adventure-app.html

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