Manley’s is a family owned home improvement specialist similar to Homebase. It has 4 stores around London and is planning an expansion.

Like it’s competitors it offers DIY Solutions as well as a range of furniture,kitchen and bathroom design. Its unique selling point is the fact it employs designers and through subcontractors offers guaranteed installation and workmanship such as plumbing electrical e.t.c. Due to these unique services which helps the customers to achieve designer houses at an affordable price, Manley’s enjoyed a financial success and a rapid growth. The first store opened 7 years ago, the second store 3 years ago, third store 1 year ago and fourth store opened last week and several other stores are in plans.However Manley’s only online presence is a static web page showing the location of its three stores( the page has not been updated for the fourth store yet), there is no possibility to either order online or book appointment with designers. Also now that there are four stores and several more in the pipelines, the owner’s son feel that it is time to have a management information system to improve customer service and operations through help managing Stocks, personnel, subcontractors, marketing, customers data e.t.c. Finally the owner is planning on either creating a loyalty programs or joining one such as Nectar card to give encouragement to repeat customers through benefits and promotions. During the last board meeting an experienced manager saw the necessity to handle these tasks as projects and recommended to get a project consultant to help out. The board decided to hire you as the project consultant, as they want everything to be done within 3 months

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