Many people never really try to take time to study the Bible because they believe it is much too hard. They leave such work to pastors and theologians. That is very unfortunate, since studying the Bible really is not a difficult task at all. Think about it, if the Bible is truly Gods way to reveal Himself to us, why would he make it so difficult?

Over the next couple of weeks we will be exploring some basic tools that you can use to engage your own journey of discovery in the Bible.This week we will focus on Observation. You can read a brief explanation by visiting the following site: will use a small passage in John. If you have a Bible, find John 1:1-14. If you do not have Bible, you can look up the passage at In a separate document, complete a basic observation of the passage. Your response should include:1. Ask the 5 Ws and an H. You may not be able to answer every question. That is okay, just do what you can.
2. There at least two key words used in this passage (though they really are synonymous with each other). Choose a term or two and record as many observations as you can. Do not try and go too deep with this assignment. Simply write down what you observe. Be sure to include pronouns associated with the term.Format Requirements
Document TypeMS WordPaper Size8.5 X 11″Length1-2 pagesMargins1″FontTimes or Times New Roman, 12 pt.Line SpacingDouble. No extra double space between paragraphs please.In-text Citations & Reference List StyleAPAPaper StructureIntroduction

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