Mobility Disability In Elderly Populations

Chapter Three has at least the following elements, which will form the structure of this Guide as well: 1) the purpose of the study; 2) the research question(s) and hypotheses; 2) the research design; 3) the target population and participant selection; 4) the procedures you used to conduct the study; 5) the instruments used to collect the data; and 8) ethical considerations. The final section of Chapter Three is the chapter summary. Before beginning with the first section. Purpose of the Study, write an introduction to Chapter Three that identifies the main content you will be covering. Please see the attached instruction file for a more detailed description of what is needed in each section. I have also attached an outline for Chapter 3 to use as an outline for writing this chapter. Furthermore, I have attached an outline of the entire dissertation, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 to use as a reference.

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