Music Practice during Childhood Enhances Reading Literacy Skills

REWRITE Pages 5-19I need a writing who is well-versed in the disciplines of Neuro-science, Education, Linguistics, and Music Practice.I don’t have all the sources attached because i do not have them at hand. IF you find more that help the paper, then do it.I uploaded the two main components- The Paper and the Outline. I will share all I have to help assist you!What my Professor Expects–show exactly HOW teaching music Enhances Reading Literacy. “Your objective is to write a paper that shows objectively and scientifically a set of facts that can be gathered from the evidence. It is NOT to advocate for a position or another. If you can show that the evidence supports the claim that “musical practice in the early years of one’s youth benefits children in enhancing their reading literacy.” that is all you need to do.—- On a different issue, you tend to be verbose. This is less of a problem, but still you should address it. Giving scientific and objective facts that support this thesis with the sources. No experiments you will do.. No methodology section. Be clear and concise. Not too verbose. Be specific. Back every point with evidence. APA Format. Make the concepts manageable for the everyday reader to understand. Make concepts and observations easy to understand. —what neural changes provoked by music help literacy?, what “foundations” does music lay that are “necessary” for phonological awareness? And how come people who know nothing about music manage to learn to read and write? How “necessary” are these if people who do not have them succeed anyway?” You are using a lot of words and expressions the wrong way.More importantly, the organization of the information is confusing and repetitious. You keep repeating that must is helpful in teaching literacy but you never show exactly HOW. When you talk about specific studies the explanations were vague and in some cases confused.

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