Naturalism is a concept which means to use natural elements in writing for a desired effect.

This indicates that the physical worldweather, seasons, the land, animals, et ceterais used for the purposes of having the reader consider its purpose in and amongst the presence of humanity (and sometimes the absence of humanity). How do the natural and human worlds correspond with one another; why are they continually linked to one another in the texts of the term? 2. Explore the role of the family unit in any of the terms worksmuch has been said about the people that form a family: parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, children, et cetera. How is the family portrayed, and what are the potential benefits or shortcomings of kinship ties?3. Compose an essay about how the body is treated in the works of the term. Is the body simply meat and bones, or do our authors treat the body as something more than just the carrier of ones humanity? Is the body independent from the other components of ones personmind, emotions, spirit, et ceteraor does it serve as a fundamental indication of ones existence and purpose?4. Write a compare-and-contrast essay which looks at 2 different works dealing with the same or similar themes or concepts. Obvious choices might be the treatment of food in Berries and Ripened Poems and bannock and oranges or the characterization of Heaven (Ive Been Told) and Hell (Satan Rouses his Legions on the Shores of Syncrude Tailings Pond #4). These are but two examples that could make for a good topic of discussion, so feel free to select something not mentioned here.
Things to recall for the writing of this essay: use quotations as evidence in your argument and format properly with in-text citations; an essay containing no quotations will be an automatic fail
provide a Works Cited page which properly lists, alphabetically, all of the quoted sources
write in the present tense
do not write from the first or second persons
do not use contractionsQuoting Prose:
When quoting, it is ones sole task to include and represent the exact wording and punctuation of a persons writing. Ensure that quotations are verified for exactitude when submitting essays into instructors. Use quotation marks to signal the opening and closing of a passage, and include the authors last name and the relevant page number(s) after the quotation marks in bracketsthis is called a citation. If the quotation has any end punctuation (with the exception of a question mark or exclamation point), omit the punctuation and end the whole sentence with a period after the final bracket:ex) The game begins. Louis hands the baby in the airmail box to Orena and goes to the microphone to drum up business (King 46).Quoting Poetry:
When lines of poetry are quoted, all of the original spacing, capitalization, punctuation, et cetera are meant to be reproduced in the quotation. Place all quoted material in quotation marks, and be sure to insert a forward slash (/) any time a line break occurs in the original arrangement. After the quotation is complete, close with a citation which includes author last name and the proper line number(s) in brackets. For example, here is a passage from Karen Solies Parasitology:Well not see his kind / around here again. As though these incessant / elegies were all that is required (Solie 6-8).Works Cited:
A Works Cited page appears at the end of ones essay, on a new page. The words Works Cited are centered but not underlined nor emboldened. After this title, one will list alphabetically all of the works that are quoted or paraphrased in the essay. Missing any works constitutes as plagiarism, so it is the students responsibility to account for all of the used works. If ever an entry has more than one line, all subsequent lines beyond the first are indentedthis is called a Hanging Indent. Think of this as a reversal of indenting the first lines of paragraphs while leaving all subsequent lines flush with the left margin. Consult the MLA handbook for a more thorough examination of different types of sources:1) Shorter Work; Work in an Anthology:

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