Organize your headings in a way that the paper will be well understood. It will be taken into consideration when grading, so make sure you cover all aspects of the disease.

pick a disease that we have done and write an APA format paper on the disease. Your paper should include everything you know about the disease. Include references as well. This will count as a take home exam that will replace your lowest exam score. Bring your paper to next class. No late papers will be accepted.
Your paper must be at least 5 pages long, including the cover and reference pages. Please note that this is not a pathophysiology of the disease, but a paper on the disease. You must provide:
1. an introduction without using the heading “Introduction” (Your first paragraph is always the introduction)
2. some statistics on the incidence of the disease
3. The cause of the disease
4. clinical manifestations
5. prevention
6. treatment
7. Research findings
8. conclusion
Your headings must be in this order and all references and in-text citations must be in APA format.
Hope that help.
Thanks and happy weekend.

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