Please do it the same way explained in the paper details and same sections mentioned from 1-8 and thank you very much

The report is based on the following case study scenario: A new bridge hypothetically proposed for the Floating Harbour in Bristol city centre. The bridge is to link Brunel Square (Bristol BS1 6JR) with Hannover Key (BS1 5JS) and should be designed for pedestrians and cyclists only (no cars). The engineering design team has asked you as a consultant to 1. propose two suitable construction materials for the bridge 2. advise them on the environmental aspects of the selected two materials. You may choose any two construction materials apart from the combination of steel and concrete. While all bridges in the Floating Harbour are moveable to allow access to boats/ships, for the simplicity of the exercise you do not need to take this aspect into consideration. You are asked to: demonstrate the viability of the selected construction materials through case studies (precedence), providing examples of structures with similar functional requirements demonstrate the environmental impact of the two materials comply with current regulations provide a durable, low maintenance structure with low environmental impact and low ongoing maintenance requirements to be an exemplar project for engineers and architects. You will need to compare and contrast the sustainability of the two construction materials not just for the lifecycle of the bridge but also for the lifecycle for the materials (from materials extraction to reuse/recycling, cradle-to cradle design). You can present basic sketches (optional) for the proposed designs (hand drawings are suitable). You are NOT required to carry out design calculations or design/draw the bridge in detail. In the report you will need to discuss various aspects of the two materials based on the following section headings: 1. Introduction 2. Precedence 3. Material extraction 4. Production and manufacture 5. Design and construction 6. Operation 7. End of life 8. Recommendations. Within the sections you may want to discuss relevant topics, e.g.: a) energy used b) impact of material properties on the design (use, maintenance, ) c) impact of construction methods d) opportunities for reuse and recycling.

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