Prepare a client report for Gemma Hanson of Luke Althorp presenting your analysis of the causes of the problem faced by Luke Althorp.

(2) Also prepare a separate technical report for your own consultancy firm which details your thought processes during this part of the project. It should contain evidence of your thinking and deductions and demonstrate the tools you have used during the problem diagnosis.Hints: To prepare your 2 reports you must start with the information and data provided to you (case study briefing, data charts and tables, customer survey, meeting transcript). Use the Problem Identification tools we have studied to identify the true problem(s) facing Luke Althorp.Note: This is an individual assignment and you should not use material from other students or discuss your analysis with other members of the class. Plagiarism software and close tutor scrutiny of all submissions will soon detect if there has been plagiarism or collusion between students. Please do not collude.
Information and Data AvailableAll details of the case can be found on Canvas in the Problem Solving Section of the Assignment tab/folder. Assessment DetailsThe client report and technical report should submitted by the deadline stated on Canvs. All submissions should be in Microsoft Word (reports) and Excel (Appendices)This assignment is worth 40% of the whole module mark. This will be made up of 40% for the management report and 60% for the technical report.In the client report we are looking for a convincing, professional document suitable for a busy Chief Executive and his senior management team. It should be relatively free of technical jargon. In the technical report we are looking for evidence of creative problem identification and an extensive use of the problem diagnosis tools which we have discussed on the module. NOTE: It is critical that you should demonstrate the correct use of problem diagnosis tools. Ensure you include your workings by submitting your Excel file.You must then explain your reasoning and deductions based on the results of the diagnosis tools you have chosen, to produce a coherent and robust argument to identify the true cause of the Luke Althorp problem. We will not only be looking for identification of the true cause but also arguments which eliminate the suggested, but false, causes which are evident from the data provided. Marks are available for doing this.The word limit for the two reports COMBINED is 2,000 words.
A Marking Guide is provided which will help you plan your submission and align your work with the marks which are available.

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