President Harry Trumans use of the Atomic Bomb on Japanese soil remains highly debated to this day. Do you think it was necessary for such technology to be used in order to garner surrender on the battlefield? With the development of weapons of mass destruction, how has the global atmosphere changed in terms of unilateral cooperation, deterrence, and ability to trust those who possess weapons of such destructive power?

2. There has been an indisputable growth of anonymity added to modern warfare due to technological advancements in the preceding decades. Does the use of UAVs promote a feeling of being removed from the battlefield that allows an individual to consider pulling the trigger without wholly considering the consequences? Does this mainstreaming of remote controls and video game-like technology create any hazards in modern warfare, or is it a positive step forward that helps save lives that could otherwise be lost when engaging in traditional forms of combat?
3. What are some of the pros and cons of current fossil fuel and nuclear energy resources?
4. What policies should be implemented to encourage the use of renewable energy resources? What are some of the potential roadblocks to implementing these policies? Should there be governmental subsidies for renewable energy development? What types of problems are associated with giving tax credits for development and implementation of renewable energy technology?
5. should we promote the globalization of education? Why or Why not?
6. What the government or individual citizen such as you can do to promote the globalization of education?

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