principally assess the four main sources of law within England and Wales, namely, statute law, the common law, European Union law and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Credit will be given if you also comment on other sources of law such as International law. You should identify which of these sources are internal and which are external. A detail description of the nature and effect of each source should be provided. Credit will be given for identifying any other relevant sources of law, but you should be aware of the parameters of the overall word count. When describing each of the main sources, you are permitted to describe an analysis of the institutions relevant to each source and how an institution creates law. Credit will be given to how different sources of law engage with each other, particularly the interaction between statute law and the common law. When describing external influences, you should describe how external sources are implemented within the England & Wales legal system. You are encouraged to provide critical analysis of the sources in your assignment. However, you should remember that this is a law assignment and not a political assessment. You should therefore avoid providing critical political analysis. You are additionally expected to provide a conclusion which addresses both parts of the question and assesses the extent to which external influences have affected the development of English law.

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