Provide a definition of sustainability and discuss how understanding of sustainability can developed through exploration of the topic.

You need to discuss at least two themes or topics that have a significant impact on understanding of sustainability. You will need to support your discussion of these two themes/topics and your definition of sustainability using the following: at least three readings: (Global Stewards, “Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living” Links to an external site.), (Cary Funk and Brian Kennedy, “Everyday Environmentalism” Pew Research Center 10/4/16 ) and, (Tess Riley, “Just 100 Companies Responsible for 71% of Global Emissions, Study Says” The Guardian 7/10/17) at least one documentary film: (Why Color Blindness Will NOT End Racism | Decoded | MTV News ) at least one guest speaker (Eli kimaro ted talk) Discuss how at least one specific experience or assignmentrenewable energy added to your understanding of sustainability.

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