Provide a direct response to each student1. In the attached Instruction document you will see Order Instructions which will have what to include in each contribution2. When it comes to responses, say something substantive.

Each response should be unique not repetitive. Make sure to not offend students. Back your opinions up by facts. Use provided APA citing sources to avoid plagiarism and make your argument seem more legitimate – it makes your point stronger. Discussion boards are meant to be conversations, where each post builds on the previous comment. Good response posts expand the conversation, reference material and even relate it to their own life experience or build onto others people’s comments.3. Don’t procrastinate. Follow instruction. Make sure each question is answered. 4. Prior to starting, ask any/all question if you’re confused about the order.5. Before finalizing the order: review work for clarity and tone. Write in clear, complete sentences. Check grammar, spelling, and no wordiness – factual – to the point. Check to make sure you satisfied all the requirements in the order instructions.Thank you for taking my order 🙂

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