provide them some guidance and at the same time to make your philosophy of ethics clear to them. Your employees are professionals and consistently do high-quality work.

You own a mid-sized manufacturing company and have just attended a Rotary Club meeting where the luncheon speaker spoke on the topic of ethics in the business sector. She suggested that business leaders should communicate expectations concerning ethical standards very clearly to their employees. The timing of these comments was perfect for you because for some time you have noticed some problematic things in your organization that have affected many of your employees. You have recently had a goal of increasing the diversity in the organization and want to ensure the business is ready for this new look. In addition, you have recently had a problem with your outside sales personnel being offered gifts. You have also grown to a size that makes it attractive to consider international operations.You have decided to write a letter to your employees setting down some guidelines for these and other ethical issues that have been in the back of your mind for some time. You know you cant cover every single challenge your employees will face, so you have decided to include a series of questions employees should ask themselves when confronted with an ethical decision.Your secretary has advised you to make the letter three to five pages in length (double spaced) and to include a line for employee to sign on to acknowledge they have read and understood the letter specifying the new code of ethics.The Code should be useful to all employees as they interact with the internal and external environment of the organization. Be original (or at least creative). The paper will be graded on how thoroughly it provides a framework for making ethical decisions and on how thoroughly it provides a framework for making ethical decisions and on how well it represents the material covered in the course.

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