race, gender, social class and poor kids in the US

There are two questions. Each question is worth 15 points. Answers must be typed, double-spaced, times new roman 12-pt font. Answers for both questions combined should fall between 2-3 pages. Any paper submitted that is not formatted correctly (font/spacing) or is less than 2 pages/more than 3 pages will receive a 10% deduction. Questions 1. Tell me about the first time you remember being aware of each of the following: race, gender and social class. Make sure you know what each of these terms means from a sociological perspective before you answer. Include a mention of what these terms mean in your answer. 2. In Reflection Paper 2, you watched the documentary titled Poor Kids. Here is the link for a refresher: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/poor-kids/. Consider the families featured in this documentary. Select one of the families and describe how the circumstances of their social class is impacting their current situation. Next, include a mention of how the current status may impact their employment, education and housing opportunities in the future. How to earn the points Question1 Define race and describe personal recollection (5 points) Define gender and describe personal recollection (5 points) Define social class and describe personal recollection (5 points) Question2 Describe current situation (7.5 points) Describe future opportunities (7.5 points)

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