Recall two (2) media appeals that you have recently noticed on Facebook, or another social media source. Discuss these two (2) examples of message appeals in your blog post.

Provide a detailed description, and judge whether the appeals are effective for that product or company. (Hint: See Chapter 7 in the textbook for more details). (2 Paragraphs) 2. As stated in the textbook, the motivation to belong is an important part of human life. Consumers are generally social creatures who desire contact and affiliation with others. As a result, consumers often belong to a number of formal or informal groups. These groups can exert significant influence on consumer behavior. Go to LinkedIn, and create a LinkedIn account if you have not already done so (see LinkedIn 101 for more details). In this weeks blog post, discuss two to three (2-3) methods in which a business could use LinkedIn to influence consumer behavior. (Hint: See Chapter 10 in the textbook for more details). (2 Paragraphs) 3. Look at Methods Twitter account presence: Based on this information from Methods Twitter account, decide whether a consumer would use hedonic or utilitarian values in their decision to purchase a product from Method. In this weeks blog entry, indicate your decision and explain your rationale based on your own reaction to Method (Hint: See Chapter 13 in the textbook for more details). (2 Paragraphs) 10. For this weeks blog entry, discuss at least two (2) reasons why the growing use of cell phones in cars, including the use of location-based services, may contribute to consumer misbehavior (Hint: See Chapter 16 in the textbook for more details). 2 Paragraphs

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