religious/spiritual/philosophical values to social work values and practice.

Guidelines for Completion of AssignmentThe purpose of this paper is to integrate the themes of the course and to help you to apply religious/spiritual/philosophical values to social work values and practice.This assignment fulfills objectives 1, 2, 8 and 10 of the course. In this paper, you are asked to integrate knowledge and values from your religious/ethnic group, compare them to social work philosophy and practice, and articulate your own values. In stating your philosophy of helping, you need to articulate your conception of human beings, how you use yourself in the helping relationship, and how this influences your role as a professional.Select one of the philosophical themes of the course, ie. Dual Nature of Man, Time, Gender, Loneliness, Good and Evil, and Sin and Repentance. Other sub-themes may be acceptable, but you must gain approval from the professor first.1. Trace the origins of your topic in the sources of your own religious/ethnic/spiritual philosophy.2. Document its relevance to social work values and ethics using the NASW Code of Ethics; how social work understands with this topic, and social work interventions that may apply to the topic.3. Apply the topic and your understanding of this topic to a client or a client system. This is the critical section of the paper as it reflects your creativity.4. Discuss this topic’s influence on your philosophy of helping – how you see your clients and how this influences the way you work with clients.Literary documentation is expected. 8-10 pages. Use APA style.Proofread your paper and use spell check and grammar check to correct misspelled words and grammatical errors.

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