research the business partnership between Chinese Construction Equipment Manufacturer Zoomlion with Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio (CIFA), the Italian concrete equipment manufacturer.

This essay is very complex and requires an in-depth research in order to start answering the actual questions. I have attached the assessment brief alongside with guidance to the essay file which will guide you through each question and what you have to do before answering the questions. You will have to create SWOT, PEST, PORTERS FIVE FORCES, Herfindahl-Hirschman Index and INTEGRATE SYNTHESIS for these frameworks using many academic resources. This is for question 1. For question 2, you need to do PORTERS VALUE CHAIN, VRIN ANALYSIS, VALUE CANVAS AND SYNTHESIS. After the synthesis, we can identify strongest benefits and synergies. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CITED. Use 150 words to answer the second part of question 2. Question 3 is quite straight forward, you need a create a VENN DIAGRAM (No appendices) and ‘’guidance to the essay folder’’ have all of the information and step by step completion of question 3 and every question. For question 4, use exposure calculation first. The rest of the materials, you will find in the guidance to the essay folder. Please reference the academic articles included in the guidance to the essay (recommended reading), as those were recommended by the module tutor.

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