Research the Internet for articles and ideas (Wikipedia is NOT considered a source)with the goal of tying specific verses to specific laws. Include a discussion of Biblical law, U.S. law, a comparison and contrasting of each, and the historical development and basis of U.S. law.

The Term Paper consists of a discussion, analysis, and application of the concepts of Employee Relations; Alternative Dispute Resolution; and choosing the appropriate type of Business Entity; with specific focus of each of these areas of the law to the role of Christian leadership in the workplace. Biblical passages should be cited in support of each of the legal concepts. The paper is due Saturday (Day 7) of Unit 8. It will be evaluated using the Portfolio Paper rubric (Appendix A). Use the text and at least four academic articles as the general guideline for preparing your analysis and approach.Prepare the Term Paper using the following guidelines: 3,500 4,000 words APA-compliant formatting,including title and reference pagesInclude Biblical Foundations application section(500 words minimum)that addresses the following:
7 Christian worldview regarding the course Biblical passages related to the course Comparison of Secular and Christian perspectives related to the courseMinimum of eight scholarly references

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