Review information about how to write a leadership vision statement. Prior papers have been provided as examples.What is a leader’s vision, and why is it important?

1. In 25 words or less, write your vision statement, articulating your leadership goal based on what you learned about leadership in the past few weeks.Part 2: Your Leadership GoalsGoals represent your specific plan on how to enhance your leadership skills.1. Provide an assessment of your existing leadership competencies from Weeks 1 and 2.2. In 500 words, list and describe your 5 top leadership goals.Explain how they contribute to your vision statement.Part 3: Action PlanSetting goals is one way of learning to translate your visions into realities and action. Write 700–1,000 words describing your action plan for leadership, and explain how you will reach your goals.The narrative part of the plan should include any formal and informal educational opportunities such as books, courses, or symposiums.Use 1 real-world situation from your past, and identify how changing 1 thing about your leadership style may have led to a different outcome.Explain other ways in which you will work on your leadership goals.The graphic part of the plan should include a creative visual time line, including milestones, that depicts how you will accomplish your goals. Use visuals, words, illustrations, and so forth to show your plan.Part 4: Leadership Ethics and Integrity1. One critical part of a leader’s role is ethics and integrity. As you prepare your action plan, consider the ethics of leadership. Effective leaders inspire trust through their behaviors and personal integrity. Consider some of the characteristics of your own ethical behaviors and leadership integrity, and add this section to your Leadership Style Action Plan this week.2. Write 300–500 words about the 2 most important values of leadership: ethics and integrity.3. How will you maintain high standards of integrity as a leader?

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