Review, that requires that you must read, analyze, interpret and prepare a twelve to fifteen page critique-analysis-review of the relevant business literature associated with the specific business topic of your selection, including the relevant scientific, academic as well as applied research literature and scholarly research articles and/or books.

For purposes of completing this final assignment, you may identify, select and utilize any the scholarly business-oriented academic reference sources and related materials that may be available from the scholarly literature published in business, management or technology. Your final research based paper and literature critique-review should identify and address key issues involving business and demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant scholarly literature and research associated with your specific business research topic. Your final paper/critique should also be doubled-spaced, 12 Font. General guidelines for completion of the final research based paper and article/chapter review-critique: Your paper should include, respond to and address the following items: Introduction I. Description of the aims, objectives, scope rationale and design features of the research; II. References to other research which relate to or are relevant to understanding the rationale behind or are supportive of this research; A. Interpretation of the quality or the sufficiency with which the author or principal investigator justifies the research topic, design and methodology; B. Key Questions to be Addressed and Interpreted in the Literature Review-Critique: 1. Identify the key theories, concepts and ideas identified related to business? 2. Describe the epistemological and ontological basis for the discipline? 3. How well does the research analyze and reflect the main questions and problems that you seek to address in your research project? 4. How is knowledge on the topic structured and organized? 5. What are the origins and definitions relevant to the topic? 6. How might you interpret how contemporary business has impacted this specific topic? 7. Describe the major issues, controversies and debates surrounding business related to your specific topic; 8. Identify what you would interpret to be the key issues and sources for developing an understanding of this topic in business; C. Conclusions: How and in what specific ways has this body of research or various other alternative approaches to research in business examined in this research, increased our understanding and knowledge and/or made significant contributions to the literature? Or, to put it another way, more succinctly, So What?

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