Safety issue caused by poor streetlight

Please write a proposal relating to safety issues caused by poor street light and explain how street lights affect the crime rate and the safety of students who travel home at night. Please be sure to follow the research proposal format while addressing properly with 6 Ps: Patron, Problem, Paradigm, Price, Population, and Plan. The Population will be mainly contains Rutgers University students. Patron is the director at Rutgers Public safety department.The format of this proposal will be as following: 1. Title Page – one page
2. Abstract- one page
3. Table of contents – one page
4. Table of figures – one page
5. Executive Summary – one to two page
6. Introduction – Generally two or more pages
7. Literature Review – generally two or more pages
8. Plan – generally one to two pages
9. Budget
10. Discussion (perhaps including an evaluation plan)
11. Work Cited
12. Visual Aids (or Figures)- incorporated into text when possible
13. Appendix (If necessary)

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