Select a television program: Modern Family. Give a very brief (one paragraph / half of a page) synopsis of the program.

You do not need to lay out the entire plot line.
II. Choose a character from the program or movie and describe their definition of the situation. Their perspective that is unique to them and how that leads them to conduct themselves the way they do.
Give particular attention to how their definition of the situation differs from the other characters in the program, as well as how it differs from that of the viewer (i.e. Walter White defined the situation as needing to do something to provide for his family after he died at least initially that was his definition of the situation).
III. Describe the elements of culture found in the program or movie.
a. Material culture
b. Non-material culture
i. Symbols
ii. Language
iii. Norms
iv. Folkways
v. Mores
vi. Taboo
Culture as a Conditioning Element of Further Action You will need to type your paper, 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman), double-spaced, one-inch margins. Papers should be identified in the following way: Align Right at the top of the page:

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