Set design for two scenes from the play “Dog sees God”

Is the scenery going to be realistic or non-realistic?2. Create a Ground Plan or Rendering (according to your drawing talents). Either of these has to show the set in relation to the audience and location on the stage (ie. Stage right, stage left, downstage center, upstage left, etc.)3. Show furniture and prop examples that would be in the Ground Plan or Rendering.4. Make sure that everything in the set is accurate according to the time period, time of day, time of year, location and station in life.5. Explain how set pieces would move in and out of the stage (if they do). Examples: stagehands, turntable, tracks, etc.6. What is your design concept for this play?7. Explain the use of colors on the set. What mood are you trying to accomplish?8. Is there a central image or metaphor? What is it and what does it represent.Questions that might help guide Basma-How do they speak? Answer-How do they move? Answer-In what kind of home or outdoor setting do they function? Answer-What are the goals & objectives? Answer-What do they wear? Answer-Does their life seem cramped, or does it appear free & open? Answer-

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