Sexual Harassment Among African American Female Students in School

Section Two -Literature Review on Gender-based violence in public schools Directions: Please write a four page literature review for gender-based violence in public schools. Each page has an individual topic that needs to be thoroughly discussed. *Do note that an introduction to the paper has been provided for context. PAGE ONE – Definition of Gender-based violence -Incorporate statistics that show the prevalence of gender-based violence in public schools. Examples of gender-based violence that should be discussed are sexual harassment, which can be verbal and physical. -Discuss how sexual harassment is a routine occurrence in public schools. (Please note that only data from traditional public schools should be incorporated into this section). PAGE TWO – Discuss how forms of gender violence take place specifically in urban public schools. -Discuss the number of African American female students who experience sexual harassment -Provide examples of how males, African American females, gay, lesbian and transgender students are victimized by sexual harassment. Such examples can include name calling, inappropriate touching, and sexual comments. -Discuss how school and district policies does little to mitigate offenses of sexual harassment in school. -Explain how the lack of response on the part of school districts conveys a messages of marginalization about young girls PAGE THREE – Discuss the negative effects of gender-based violence. This should include examples of how female African American students self-esteem, social-emotional outcomes and academic performance are negatively impacted. PAGE FOUR – Discuss how male students have the social advantage to be able to dictate social norms of gender violence and harassment. -Discuss how males use derogatory language towards women, i.e. bitch, hoe, slut, tramp -Discuss how African American females respond to sexual harassment -Discuss how schools have responded to examples of sexual harassment concerns -Explain what strategies districts can employ to address these strategies.

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