Sharia Medical Panel (SMP) in Saudi Arabia: A Descriptive and Analytical Study

conventions (follow legal conventions, bluebook). The authoritative work on U.S. legal citation is The Bluebook: to research the proper form for each footnote–the form varies depending on the type of work cited. This is a very important comment. the footnotes need to be expanded to include parenthetical explanations of WHY the cited material supports the statements in the text to which the citation refers. 5-the references you can see how much you need up to 50 Please when you write used sources in a dissertation at the PHD level Good sources include books, articles from law reviews or other scholarly journals, compilations of excerpts from such materials, statutes, regulations. administrative agency decisions, judicial opinions, other government agency documents (including information on government websites) In addition, to provide a comparison to the aspects of the Saudi Arabian system you with to criticize, you need to consult treatises, articles, cases, and administrative agency materials, and other substantive sources for the material you are including. Taking this guidance, you need to greatly expand the research reflected in the chapter and really enhance the nature of the sources upon which you rely. The chapters may not contain material merely copied from any source–academic or otherwise. A direct quote must be indicated by quotation marks, and the sources of ideas must be clearly indicated. Copying materials from any source verbatim or substantially paraphrasing without quotation or citation, copying the works of others without consulting the original sources cited by those works, and citing the sources contained in those documents without identifying how you came upon the sour Once you have a good, originally composed intro, background section, description of Saudi Arabian law, and a detailed. This is what my adviser instructed me to do. Please, open all of the files attached since they will give you a clear perception of what I need from both chapters. Some tips for footnote: 1. page format -one inch margins -12 point font (Times New Roman) -full justification 2. footnotes -footnotes must conform to Official Bluebook format -insert footnotes at the bottom of each page -footnotes must be single-spaced -insert a space between each footnote 3. headings -use headings and sub-headings when appropriate -boldface and underline headings and sub-headings -designate headings and sub-headings in outline form 4. page numbers -insert at the bottom of each page 5. line spacing -the paper must be double-spaced -quotes exceeding fifty words must be single-spaced and indented example Please follow these, specially footnotes in the bottom of every page (you use APA style, and

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