Should the companies that own fast food restaurants and food companies that produce foods high in sugar, fat, salt, and empty calories be required to contribute funds to health care, since their products are causing health problems? Or should people learn to make better choices in their selection of food?

Fast food restaurants and many companies that produce and sell food focus on offering foods that are high in fat, sugar, salt and calories, but low in vitamins and other healthy nutrients. These companies exploit the human biological drive for fats, sugar, and salt. The USA has an epidemic of obesity, adult onset diabetes, and cardiovascular diseaseall of which are caused by unhealthy food choices and lack of exercise. Do you feel that the food offered in restaurants and on grocery shelves should be regulated by the government to be healthier? Write 6-12 sentences to explain your view. [5 points] Now read some of your classmates postings and respond to one that you feel is very persuasive. Tell them why their argument makes sense to you in 6-12 sentences.

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