Sister Carrie Analyze the ways in which Dreiser employs determinism (biological, socioeconomic, mechanistic, and psychological) in Sister Carrie. What does Sister Carrie reveal about Dreisers view of life?

We have spent a great deal of time in class discussing naturalism in American literature, and have read three novels that employ this literary style: 1.) Sister Carrie, Theodore Dreiser; 2.) The Jungle, Upton Sinclair; 3.) Native Son, Richard Wright. For your third (and final) paper, select one of these novels and write an essay in which you explore the authors use of naturalism:

2.) The Jungle Naturalist works depicted powerful forces shaping American lives at the turn of the twentieth century. Consider Sinclairs comment that the tragedy of The Jungle is, in its every detail, the inevitable and demonstrable consequence of an economic system (xix) capitalism. Analyze the ways in which Sinclair uses naturalism in order to make an argument against capitalism as a social, political, and economic system.

3.) Native Son Richard Wrights novel is a late example of naturalism in American literature. Wright was profoundly influenced by his reading of earlier naturalist authors, in which he found ways and techniques of gauging meaningfully the effects of American civilization upon the personalities of people (How Bigger Was Born 443). Write a paper in which you demonstrate the way in which Wright uses naturalism in order to explain what had made [Bigger] and what he meant (How Bigger 454), paying particular attention to the ways that Wright suggests that an American civilization built upon white privilege and the persistent marginalization of African Americans produced Bigger Thomas.

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