State and Society under a Totalitarian Regime Students will learn what it was like to experience this through a case study of the Nazi take-over in one particular town.

The brutality of this regime was experienced quite differently by different groups, depending on their particular racial, gendered, class, or political locations. This will promote understanding of how and why this regime was able to last as long as it did. William Allen, The Nazi Seizure of Power: Discussion, chs. 1-3, 10-11 (short chapters), 12-15, 16-20 Small group discussion of impact of Nazi Regime on specific groups; i) Jews, ii) Aryan Men, iii) Aryan Women, iv) Working Class Trade Unionists v) Communists (Based on readings and resources to be provided by instructor). Recommended, not required: Ian Kershaw, The End: Hitlers Germany, 1944-5, Discussion, ch. 6 Requirement of students enrolled as Writing Intensive (W after the course number): Establishing Nazi totalitarian dictatorship Purpose and process of the assignment: The purpose of the assignment is for students to think through and clarify their knowledge by writing about the question: In Northeim, as in Germany generally, the Nazi Party never received more than 50% of the votes in any free election. By January, 1933, its electoral appeal seems to have passed its peak. Yet, during the first six months of 1933, the Party was able to establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the nation-state, and in the town. How were they able to achieve this result?

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