Statement of Purpose – Kinesiology Sport Management

Paper Info per School: This essay describes your interests and commitment to the goals and curriculum of the program area they are applying to. It is recommended that you address not only your personal and academic background but also your academic and professional goals. No longer than 3 pages double-spaced. Graduates of this program will be competitive candidates for positions in high school sport administration, collegiate athletics, professional sport organizations, fitness centers, youth organizations, and parks and recreation departments. Graduates from the Sport Management program hold positions in various areas of the sport industry, including marketing, event management, sponsorship, and finance. Personal: I am a Company Commander in the United States Army. Natural born leader. Been in the Army 12 years. Attended Huston-Tillotson University for undergrad. Graduated with a 4.0 in undergrad. President of National Science Honor Society for school in undergrad. Over a year work experience as EMT and assisting civilian boss with managing company, Strong Medicine AthletiCare. Goals: Work in a college environment as the athletic director.

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