study of a commercial historical movie/television series/web series, which will be worth one hundred (100) points.

You will choose one appropriate commercial venture (i.e., no documentaries) to investigate. After obtaining the professors approval, you will then choose at least ten (10) scholarly articles/books (using a library database such as J-Stor) addressing that film/series and its subject matter. If you are having difficulty finding sources please ask me for help. If you have taken the class before you may not choose the same film/series or sources. In the end you should produce a relatively exhaustive study of the film/series. You will need to address: 1) the historical context for the subject matter; 2) the historical accuracy of the film/series; 3) the context for the creation of the film/series including the movie studio(s), producers, director, nation of origin, and date; 4) the production of the film/series; and 5) the impact of the film/series. It needs to be noted that the paper should be far more than a summary of the film/series or a statement of its importance with no analysis. In short, you need to develop an argument and support it. For guidelines on how to format the paper you will use the Chicago Manual of Style, which can be found in the Library. Papers not formatted according will have points deducted.

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