Summarize your country’s official position regarding the current situation in Syria. Explain why.

A complete answer requires thoughtful consideration from your country’s perspective augmented by appropriate supporting evidence. Ideas to consider: sovereignty, human rights, humanitarian aid, refugees and migration crisis, weapons proliferation, right of self-determination, war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism, etc.PART B: Background Guide Questions
What solution(s) does your country support? Why? Thoughtfully consider three of the following questions from the Syrian background guide (Available via Discussion Circle 6 (Article 1)1. How can humanitarian aid be carefully delivered to those in need within Syria, as animosity between groups in the region remains stable in its instability, or even escalates past what has been observed so far?2. Could the UNSC consider referring the situation in Syria to the ICC, as is the Security Councils right if it so chooses to exercise it? There is also the possibility of referring organizations such as ISIL and Al-Nusra to the Court; however bear in mind that this process is debatable, as only focusing on selected groups instead of the whole situation may lead to disputes as to what groups should be referred to the ICC.3. Should a UN intervention occur in Syria and, were it to occur, how would the organization of the intervention take place and what would its primary focus be? Stemming from this, what main groups, if any, should be targeted and how should different groups be targeted by the UNSC? Consider Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations in assessing this question, and remember that Chapter VI is the preferred means of reaction in any international conflict, especially one in which many international players are involved.4. What steps can the UNSC take in order to better implement the Six-Point Plan with more effective results than those that have so far been observed? Reviewing Resolution 2042, Resolution 2254, and Resolution 2268 is paramount in considering established guidelines and how they can be modified in future resolutions during the meeting of the Security Council later in February 2017.5. Does the use of chemical weapons impact the UNSCs decision to trigger Chapter VII, as it said it would in Resolution 2118, if further incidents were to occur? Dwell on the importance of the response to this violation and how strong said response should be. Moreover, how would this violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and Resolution 2118 be addressed after the resolving of the conflict, and what parties can and/or should be deemed responsible for the breach of international laws related to the use of chemical weapons?6. How can political processes take place in the Syrian Arab Republic in ensuring a democratic regime be in power in the state, and in the upholding of international law?

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